You are warmly invited to come and celebrate the marking of the end of the 2019 (3-month) Rains Retreat.

This will include a shared meal (you’re welcome to bring a plate).

Where: Manley Hall, 331 Ulster Road, Albany

When: 9:30am -12pm (doors open 9am) on Sunday 13th October 2019

This event is very auspicious because you have the opportunity to offer a robe to the Venerable Sangha. Lord Buddha advised the offering of robes to the Sangha is extremely meritorious. It provides immense merit for the giver and fuel for their Buddhist practice.

Event includes: (not necessarily in this order):

  • Buddhist chanting and offering of the Five Precepts and Three Refuges.
  • Offering of requisites and / or robes to the Sangha.
  • Sangha Blessing i.e. after the offerings, a traditional pāli blessing is chanted to share the merits of the gifts given.
  • Shared lunch for all.
  • Dhamma Talk
  • We look forward to seeing you!


This is an annual event formally known as a Kathina Ceremony.

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