This Saturday and Sunday there will be Dana from 10:30am in the Community Hall at Dhammaloka. All are welcome.

On-Going Weekend Sangha Food Offering (Dana)


10:00 – 10:30am



Guests arrive and drop off food. Please prepare and cook food before arrival.



10:30 – 11:00am



Chanting and offering of the Five Precepts and Three Refuges


Alms-round (pindapata): rice offering to the monks or nuns


Offering of requisites to the monks or nuns


Sangha Blessing. After the offerings, a traditional pāli blessing is chanted by the monks or nuns to share the merits of the gifts given.



11:00am – Noon



Shared lunch for all.


After the meal, the monks or nuns are available for an informal chat.



“Dana” means giving, and it is part of the Buddhist way of life. Generosity is a core practice of Buddhism and one of the traditional expressions of this is through offering food to the monks and nuns. It is fundamental to the principles of Theravada Buddhism that monastics, as alms mendicants, are completely dependent on lay supporters for their material needs. The Buddhist community thereby becomes mutually dependent. The lay community offers material support, whilst the monastic community provides spiritual support in the form of Dhamma talks, meditation guidance, personal counsel and exemplary behaviour.


Location: Community Hall at Dhammaloka


Dates: Every weekend; Saturday and Sunday, except during Rains Retreat.


What is the Sangha offering of the Five Precepts and Three Refuges?

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What is alms-round (pindapata)?

Before the meal, visitors are invited to participate in a custom dating back over 2500 years ago to the time of the Buddha; offering rice to the monks, also known as piṇḍapāta. If you wish to participate, you collect a plate, spoon and rice from the hall, then line up and as the monks or nuns walk past place a spoonful of rice into their bowl.



Please remove your shoes and head-gear on entering the community hall. Please wear modest clothing which covers you, this applies to both men and women and includes not wearing short skirts, shorts, thigh slashes in skirts, sleeveless or low-cut tops and singlets.

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