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We are making some changes to the booking system for Ajahn Brahm’s Retreats conducted in Jhana Grove for retreats in 2017. (Retreats by other teachers are not affected)

Due to popular demand for Ajahn Brahm’s retreats, we will now restrict the booking to no more than two retreats within a year. This will include non-BSWA organized retreats that are held in Jhana Grove where Ajahn Brahm is the teacher. This means that the maximum number of times you will be allowed to attend Ajahn Brahm’s Retreats in Jhana Grove is two.

We will continue to consider people on the wait-list when there are cancellations. You are encouraged to put comments in the wait-list form particularly if you are planning to book for two persons such as a mother and daughter, or husband and wife but due to the time out on the booking, only one person can get in.

We have also received emails from disappointed people due to unsuccessful booking. We ask for your understanding that we have tried to make the booking system as fair as possible and since our organisation is run by volunteers, we may not have the resources to make changes to the system all the time.

We have reserved the priority booking to full members of BSWA. Once the booking is full (and they will usually be full within a few minutes), the wait-list will open. You need not be a member of BSWA to put your name on wait-list.

Ajahn Brahm’s 9-Day Retreat for 13 – 22 Jan 2017 will open for booking on 21 Oct 2016.

Please visit the website http://cms.jhanagrove.org.au/ for more information.

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