There is a “little” something that we need help with this Saturday morning (the 4th of March) starting at 8 AM  . . .

Fueled by the persistence and planning of two incredibly patient (and unstoppable) people (Eric Williams and Michael Dove), one of our bridges, which has been reconstructed, is now ready to return to its original spot. To do this, we need the collective strength of some able and willing volunteers! 

If lifting and carrying is well within your capacity, and you are free this Saturday, your help would be most welcome. If this kind of work is not suitable for you, don’t worry! There are sure to be other opportunities coming — or perhaps you have a friend who might be interested to join us?

Please wear clothes and shoes suitable for working in the bush as well as work gloves, if you have a pair. It will be a hot day, so bring a sun hat, sunblock, and your water bottle. Insect repellent is also a good idea, too, as the ticks are out – but if you don’t have any, we have some that you can use.

Come join us on this wholesome workout session in our beautiful natural bushland!

Thank you for your attention and continued, generous support!

With Metta & best wishes, Dhammasara Sangha



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