End of Rains Retreat Celebration (Kathina Ceremony): 4th October 2020

PLEASE NOTE: This year due to COVID we ask that everyone adheres to the 1.5 meter social distancing of people from other households.

Poster: End of Rains Ceremony 2020

You are warmly invited to come and celebrate the marking of the end of the 2020 (3-month) Rains Retreat.

Location: Manley Hall (Lion’s Club), 331 Ulster Road, Albany

When: 9:30am -12pm (doors open 9am) on Sunday 4th October 2020


Event Programme:

  • 9:30am Arrival of Guests (doors open 9.00am)
  • 10:00am Taking 3 Refuges & 5 Precepts (Optional). Dhamma Reflection by Venerable Mudu.
  • Auspicious Chant & Blessings by Venerable Mudu
  • 10:30am Rice Alms-round (Pindapat) followed by Lunch. (Please bring your Dana/Food ‘Covid Cautious’ Share Plates.)


Please bring your friends & family along to this auspicious event. We look forward to seeing you!

Robes will be available for offering by voluntary donation

 This event is very auspicious because you have the opportunity to offer a robe to the Venerable Sangha. Lord Buddha advised the offering of robes to the Sangha is extremely meritorious. It provides immense merit for the giver and fuel for their Buddhist practice.


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