Every Tuesday evening the Armadale Meditation Group holds a meditation class from 7pm to 8.30pm. Currently all classes are being conducted via ZOOM.  Please contact armadale@bswa.org for login details.

Please Note: Every year, the monastic community (Monks and nuns) go on a three month retreat called the “Rains Retreat” from mid July to mid October. During this period, they do not visit our centres for teachings as it’s a time for deepening their own practice.  While the monks and nuns are away, we will have some interesting guest speakers. Please see the attached – AMG Rains Schedule 2021

Tonight’s speaker is Mark Simpson – the author of Light up the World – Inspiration for a New Humanity.  He is a coach, yoga teacher and facilitator.

The classes are usually conducted live on Zoom by a variety of monks from Bodhinyana Monastery, Serpentine WA.

Each class generally begins with chanting the Metta Sutta, then receiving introductory meditation instructions for 1/2 hour, a guided meditation for 1/2 hour, and the last 1/2 hour is dedicated to a Q&A session and Dhamma talk (if time permits).

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