Ajahn Brahmali’s UK Tour: 12th – 16th June 2024


Ajahn Brahmali is back in England this June and Anukampa have the opportunity to host him at their new monastery, Anukampa Grove Bhikkhuni Monastery, on Boars’ Hill, for the first time! During his brief visit, Ajahn Brahmali will be giving Dhamma teachings; in London, Brighton, Oxford and Bristol – including a day-long retreat at the delightful Friends Meeting House, Oxford, with its quiet terraces and lawns.


Ajahn’s joy-infused delivery and extensive knowledge and experience of Buddhist practice helps us to forge a closer relationship with the Buddha and his teachings, that speak straight to our hearts and our daily lives.


The teaching programme runs from the 12th to 16th June, and will be closely followed by a three-day online retreat with Ajahn Brahm and Ven Canda from 18th to 20th June inclusive.


Register for Ajahn Brahmali’s teaching events on Anukampa’s Special Events Page HERE.



Thursday, 13th Jun 2024, 18:45 – 20:30

Ajahn Brahmali: “What Is & Isn’t A Jhana“


Dhamma Talk at Community Base, Brighton


The Buddha spoke about jhana, the most profound stages of meditation, as being essential to the path towards Enlightenment, but are these states attainable in this day and age? How do we know if we, our teachers, or our friends have experienced a jhana and more importantly, if we are heading in the right way?


In this talk, Ajahn Brahmali, a senior student of meditation master Ajahn Brahm, will compare the word of the Buddha to some of the misconceptions of jhana today and share tips for putting the causes in place for jhana to happen in a way that leads to wisdom.

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