Why is Ajahn Brahm so happy? He has no money or bank account and lives in a cave. Yet wherever he goes he spreads joy and helps people overcome obstacles in life. Do you want to find out more?

Ajahn Brahm is the Abbott of Bodhinyana monastery, Spiritual Director of the Buddhist Society of WA, a Buddhist monk for 48 years, former theoretical physicist at Cambridge University, best selling author and inventor of “Kindfulness” and many other titles. He has toured all over the world speaking to large crowds and has 100,000s of talks downloaded via podcast and youtube every month. With all that responsibility, surely he must be stressed, right? So why is he so happy? What is his secret?

Ajahn Brahm will be giving a talk in Margaret River for the first time on Sunday 31st October at 3pm in the Main Theatre of HEART (47 Walcliffe Road, Margaret River). This is the first talk that Ajahn Brahm has ever given in Margaret River and a great opportunity for people living in the South-West to hear Australia’s favourite monk. This is a chance to see the most senior, popular and respected Buddhist monk in Australia explain the secrets of living a happy life.

This is a free event however seats are limited, so please arrive early.  No bookings required.

3.00pm to 4.30pm in the Main Theatre (capacity 450) of HEART, Margaret River. https://www.margaretriverheart.com.au/

This event is run by BAMBI (Busselton, Augusta, Margaret River Buddhist initiative) which is a part of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. https://bswa.org/location/busselton-augusta-margaret-river-buddhist-initiative/

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