Tue 18th – Thu 20th Jun 2024 UK Time

Three Day Online Meditation Retreat with Ajahn Brahm & Ven Canda: 

“Wisdom Of Silence” 

Silence is what we develop through stillness. It is not merely the absence of noise; silence is a gateway to profound insight. When we are still, the mind becomes tranquil and we move beyond the boundaries of conventional knowledge. As we learn to trust the silence and release the clamour of the five-sense world, the mind energises and becomes blissful and bright. In deep, meditative stillness, the Dhamma ~ timeless truth ~ reveals itself and you see things as they truly are.

In this retreat, our wise and compassionate guides will gently lead us into the heart of silence.  Like skilled gardeners, they will tend to the soil of our minds, nurturing seeds of happiness and peace. The retreat will include guided and silent meditations, engaging Dhamma talks and opportunities for questions and responses. It is suitable for every level of experience and requires that you have a reasonably quiet and safe place to stay and practice where you can caringly tend to your body and mind. Ven Upekkha will be present and may hopefully offer some Dhamma as well!


See the Anukampa Special Events Page HERE for details, including ‘tentative’ schedule and registration link.
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