Buddha in the Four Noble Truths identified the Noble Eightfold Path (N8P) as the path that will lead to cessation of Suffering.

  • What is the big-picture context for the N8P?
  • What are some typical misconceptions about the N8P?
  • How do we practise the N8P?
  • What is the relationship between the eight factors?
  • Are there any of the 8 factors which are more important than others?
  • How should the factors be understood in detail?

With these questions and more, we will need, not one, not two, but THREE TEACHERS, to show us the Path and how we should practise!!!

BSWA is pleased to organise the next Series of Workshops with focus on the N8P.

Ajahn Brahmali will continue to be the anchor monk delivering this Workshop. Bhante Bodhidhaja and Venerable Mudito will partner with Ajahn Brahmali for the Workshops on alternate Saturdays.


Details of the Workshops are as follows:

Dates: 20/2/2021, 27/2/2021, 6/3/2021, 13/3/2021, 20/3/2021, 27/3/2021 (6 Saturdays)

Time: 8:30am to 5:30pm *please note the final workshop 27/03/2021 will finish at 2.30pm due to the AGM.

Venue: Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre


If you plan to join in person, please complete your registration using the following link:


Otherwise, Workshops will be live-streamed as usual and you are welcome to join us online.

(No registration is needed for online participation.)


If you have questions, please contact Lay Har Goh at layharg@bswa.org.


Attached: BIOs of Teachers


Best Regards

Lay Har Goh

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