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Dhammasara Nuns community is growing rapidly as more and more women are interested to commit to live the monastic life.

We are excited to announce that Dhammasara community has almost complete the building of 4 additional Kutis (Nuns Forest Huts). This will enable us to accommodate the growing number of nuns in Theravada Forest Tradition.

These Kuti are simple 1-room dwelling with a covered walking meditation path attached, located in the surrounding forest.

We are thankful for your support and generous donation in helping us realise this project, and to enable more women benefit from the fruit of monastic life.

Dhammasara Buddhist Nuns Monastery is dedicated to provide opportunity to committed lay women to taste the monastic lifestyle firsthand, and if they wish to undertake the training to become fully ordained nuns, in realising ‘The Goal & Heartwood (Dhammasara)’ of this Holy Life.

 Dhammasara is entirely dependent upon donations for regular running costs, and for construction of huts and other buildings.

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