As announced earlier, the Dependent Origination Workshop will commence on 31 Oct 2020 in Dhammaloka.

We have now attached the Program as well as the reading materials as follows:

DO Dhammaloka 2020 Program

Ajahn Brahm, Dependent Origination

Ajahn Brahm, some remarks on Dependent Origination

Ajahn Brahmali, Dependent Origination

Bhikkhu Bodhi, Great Discourse on Causation

You are strongly encouraged to do the pre-reading before each workshop:


If you want to find out more about these workshops, please check out our earlier announcement:

Booking is still open! – Dependent Origination Workshops


If you have not registered for the Workshops, there are still spots left.

Please use this link to make your booking:

Booking for Dependent Origination Workshops 2020


Feel free to email Lay Har Goh at

Email response may be delayed as I am currently on retreat till 25/10/2020.



Best Regards

Lay Har Goh


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