Young people today are facing even more pressures academically, socially, and emotionally, than ever before. Here at the Buddhist Society of WA, we want to help create a space for youth to not only provide a welcoming environment, but to also provide activities and resources that are engaging and relevant. Through this holistic approach to youth well being, we are hoping to encourage positive mental states that will flow on to have positive effects on studies, family life, personal life, emotional regulation, etc.

We are running several focus group sessions to give our young people a chance to directly influence their place within BSWA. If you have a son or daughter in high school please register them for one of the sessions that are starting this Friday.

We have chosen particular dates so parents can make use of the centre at the same time. The sessions themselves will include food and games as well so it will be a relaxed and informal way to help ideas flow.

Please follow the link below to register or email for more information.

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