Ajahn Brahm 9-Day retreat 6-15 Apr 2023

Due to a system glitch in our new retreat booking system last Friday, a number of people who diligently logged in at 6pm may not have received a successful booking. As the system continued to open and close for a while after 6pm last Friday, some people managed to get a booking resulting in the retreat being fully booked.

The Service Provider has been notified of the problem and is currently still investigating. For now, we will be delaying the Waitlist booking for Ajahn Brahm’s April Retreat a week later, to 27 Jan 2023 at 6pm.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused and we apologise to those who might have missed out due to the system glitch.


As we have been inundated with emails due to this issue, it is very much appreciated if you can refrain from sending any non-urgent emails to the Jhana Grove Team. While we can understand your frustration, please be kind to our Jhana Grove Team who are volunteers and who are trying our best to make the system run normally again.


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