Dated 26 March 2020

You no longer have to wait till Fri to join the guided meditation and Dhamma talk!!!

While the karunavirus continue to threaten to shut us down, the Bodhinyana monks are stepping up and providing us daily teaching.

Ajahn Appichato started the ball rolling with the first talk on Tue 24 Mar – Protection of the Dhamma.

Venerable Kassapa followed suit and on Wed 25 Mar, taught us to See the Good We Can Do, even in Small Amounts.

And while I was wondering who will be up next on Thu 26 Mar, it was Ajahn Brahm impressing upon us, that Emptiness is the Greatest.

(Note: You can find these recordings on BSWA YouTube as well)

The plan is to have the daily teaching from Mon to Thu and then do the normal live streaming from Dhammaloka (without live audience) on Fri, Sat and (2nd and 4th Sun – Sutta Class).

No matter where you are and what you may be doing, whether you are working from home because you can’t go to the office, or doing self isolation somewhere or stuck in airports or on the road because the borders have closed and flights have been cancelled, or on a cruise ship trying to find a place to dock, hopefully these daily 30mins Dhamma talk / Meditation can help you in your spiritual practice.

And enjoy the element of surprise here as you never know which monk is up next… 😊


With Metta

Lay Har Goh

Vice-President, BSWA

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