Dhammasara Monastery Program Change – updated 4 June 2020

Dhammasara will re-open between 10am and 1pm from Saturday 6 June 2020. The WA Government has allowed Phase 3 reopening with restricted number of patrons (1 per 2sqm) in a single undivided space, with up to 300 people in total per venue over multiple spaces. Please observe good hygiene and the physical distancing of 1.5 metres.

You are welcome to bring Dana and attend the lunch ceremony at 10.30am. With physical distancing in place, there will be no Pindapat (rice alms-round) yet. If you would like to stay for lunch, we encourage you to bring your own plate and eating utensils.

WA Government requires that we record your name and phone or email address for the purposes of contact tracing. Please fill the Visitor record form and drop it into box outside the Kitchen. Forms are available at the monastery, or downloadable from the link below.

Visitor Form for COVID-19 Contact Tracing – Click to download


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