Dhammasara Monastery Program Change – effective Tuesday 24 Mar 2020

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With the coronavirus situation changing rapidly, Dhammasara will be doing our part to control the spread of the virus. With immediate effect, the following measures will be implemented:

The monastery is CLOSED until further notice. You may still make a delivery of dana to the monastery between 8am and 12pm, outside the kitchen, but must leave immediately afterwards.

This is to ensure proper compliance with the Australian Government measures announced on 22 March 2020: non-essential gatherings are suspended for an initial 4 weeks to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19) and places of worship are not permitted to open from midday 23 March 2020.

Though we are not conducting our usual public ceremony, the nuns continue to chant the Anumodana blessing daily before the meal to rejoice in your good deeds and to wish you long life, beauty, happiness and strength. We also chant the sharing of merits.

Anumodana Chanting by the Nuns

Sharing of Merit Chanting by the Nuns

Borders may be closed, monasteries may be closed, but let our hearts and minds remain open.

The nuns would like to take this opportunity to express our ongoing gratitude for the great amount of generosity and support we have received.

Before our forced closure, it was so very inspiring to see the number of people who took the trouble to visit so many shops in order to buy groceries for us, including in-demand toilet paper! One crowd assembled for dana even cheered to see such a gift!

One of our last guests before the closure was a little boy who came to the monastery to celebrate his birthday, which touched the hearts of many nuns.

There have also been many people who have made such sincere inquiries to make sure we have enough, and for the time being, we do. You can contact the monastery by phone(leave Voicemail) if you wish to know what items are most useful at this time (this changes daily).

The kindness and generosity we’ve witnessed and received from all of you is a light in the dark, reminding us of our shared human capacity to turn every situation, dark or bright, into an opportunity to cultivate wholesome qualities. This is the encouragement we all need to see, to hear about, to share with others, and to receive at this time, to help restore a sense of calm, balance and uplift within and around us.

May we perceive this time as a divine messenger calling us to rouse our sense of urgency and to remind us to care for what’s really important in life.

As much as we each need to act mindfully to help contain the spread of coronavirus, may we also join our friends at the Anukampa Bhikkhuni Project to act fearlessly to spread the Karuna-virus, the virus of compassion.

With mega metta, the Nuns from Dhammasara

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