Dear Members,

On Tuesday the Executive of the Buddhist Society met at Council Chambers with City of Stirling Director of Events.

We spent some time going over recent issues between us and examining various communication breakdowns that had occurred. We managed to come to a common understanding and find agreement on how we can harmoniously conduct our three main annual events at our Dhammaloka City Centre.

After this meeting, we now feel our events and parking will not be an issue if we follow what both parties consider a reasonable pathway of event notification, event management and access to parking in the neighbourhood. In particular, our recent overflow parking arrangement with the local primary school should relieve congestion and demonstrate to all observers our commitment to harmony with our neighbours.

Well done to all those involved (on and off the Committee) during this process and we look forward to conducting our (infrequent) events in a peaceful manner with the co-operation of the City of Stirling and our neighbours.

With metta

Drew Bellamy


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