Talks and Guided Meditations

A selection of recordings are presented below that are available on both our YouTube and Podcast. Please note that the recordings make mention of the Buddhist Care Line that ran as a trial throughout 2020 and 2021. The Care Line is no longer operating as a service in the background.

You can still chat to us by posting Dharma questions and comments during the streaming of the live talks and we will do our best to answer them for you.


Feeling into Reality | Dennis Sheppard


Right Thought | Drew Bellamy


Compassionate Listening | Sandra Henville


Wednesday Guided Meditation | Veronica Darmali


Spiritual Conversation | Konrad Srokowski


Death Contemplation | Mahinda Wijerante


The Front Edge of Now | Chris Perrier


The Power of No | Cecilia Mitra


Audio Recordings

Podbean Talk by Kathryn Yew and Sarah Kleintop on the Gift of Listening:
Gift of Listening | Kathryn Yew and Sarah Kleintop | 24 June 2020