Statement of Mission, Vision and Goals


Our Mission

Our spiritual leader Ajahn Brahm often advises to ask the emperor’s three questions when considering what is most important in life:

What is the most important time?     Now 

Who are the most important people?     Whoever you are with

What is the most important thing to do?     To Care

In this time of global upheaval and uncertainty, with increasing levels of stress and isolation, our practising community is well placed to offer the sanity and wisdom of the Buddha’s teachings for the benefit of our membership and the wider community.

To this end, our mission is to establish a Care Group within the Buddhist Society of WA that is able to offer practical and compassionate services that will provide real help to alleviate suffering in the world.


Our Vision

We envision an active Care Group of Buddhist Society members, supported by training and protocols who are available to provide a range of Caring services that will reach a broad range of people in need.

Participating in the Care Group will be an opportunity for members to develop their own practice and cultivate the Four Brahmaviharas in our relationships by:

Cultivating Loving Kindness (Metta)

Developing Compassion and Empathy (Karuna)

Celebrating with Sympathetic Joy (Mudita) where possible

Working towards and to be with equanimity (Upekkha)

With ongoing training and support, the services of the Care Group will evolve and be able to adapt and respond to the changing needs of society.


Future Service Goals

Care Group Listening Space

A safe and welcoming physical space at our Nollamara centre set aside for those who wish to talk in person with a Care Group Worker.  Referral services will be available, as with the Listening Service.


Care Group Home Visits

To visit those who may be feeling isolated in their homes. Visits by Care Workers will offer friendship and comfort as well as access to other supportive services.


Care Group Prison Visits

An extension of the current prison visit programme that will provide more opportunities for members to contribute.


Care Group response to community needs

It may be making up food hampers or donating goods, the Care Group will be able to identify times of need and call upon the generosity of the BSWA community for support.