Today Armadale City Council issued the building permit for our project to convert the stables building on the Stocker Rd property into a house for monks. In line with Parkinson’s Law it arrived on the very last business day before our “Bushfire Attack Level Report” was due to expire.

The Stocker Rd Ajahns would like to thank our team: architect Chrishan, structural engineer Jeffrey and building surveyor Karl. We also thank Nigel at Armadale City Council for answering Ajahn J.R.’s endless questions regarding the Building Code and helping out with our building classification issue. Nilan helped out greatly with his long list of useful contacts and Amitha helped out with our last minute drainage plan.

Now we can get on with it! We’ll be working through the rains retreat this year. If you have skills you feel might be useful or you just want to help out let us know. We’re aiming to get in done in about 6 months and move in in the new year.

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