Event date: 3pm – 5pm (Western Australian time) 4 June 2023

It has been 50 years since the inception of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia. It celebrates the 50th anniversary this year in 2023. From a very humble beginning of only 7 members, it has grown to a few thousand with so much support monks and nuns and many lay communities that come many different nationalities from all around the world. 


The following are messages from Venerable Ajahn Brahm and Venerable Ajahn Hasapanna. 

Message from Venerable Ajahn Brahm: 

“Fifty years ago BSWA was founded out of Vesak ceremony, I believe at somebody’s house………”.  

Message from Venerable Ajahn Hasapanna: 

“This year is the year that the Buddhist Society of Western Australia celebrate the 50th anniversary. I arrived here in 2002, twenty years ago. That time we have only one nun’s cottage and two kuti………”.

[***** Complete messages will be presented on 4th June 2023, 3 pm to 5 pm *****] 


Send us your messages of congratulations for the 50th anniversary (Closed)


Videos of

  1. Interview with Maureen Barton – BSWA 50th Anniversary Edition
  2. History of BSWA – BSWA 50th Anniversary Edition, and
  3. Congratulatory messages

are available at Vesak 2023 and BSWA 50th Anniversary Celebrations | Buddhist Society of Western Australia


Your participation by donation: 

If you wish to contribute to the 50th Anniversary event, you may donate through the following link. We are seeking to cover a budget of around $1,300 to cover the expenses that include printing banners, hard disks to store digital historical materials and refreshments. Upon meeting the donation target, the donation page link will be removed. Any surplus donations will be part of the Dhammaloka Expense fund. We thank you kindly in advance. 

Donations received as at 13 Jul 2023: AUD $837.39

Thank You kindly

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