The Buddhist Society of Western Australia held its Annual General Meeting on 30th April 2022.

We were pleased that this year, we were able to share our Committee Reports, including our audited Financial Statement ahead of our AGM. This provided an opportunity to all our members to have a glimpse into the 2021 activities that have been undertaken by the 2021 committee.

Thanks to all who attended the AGM and also to those who couldn’t attend, who offered their apologies and proxies.

As for the election of the Office Bearers and Committee Members, Prem Mirihagalla – Our Election Officer, announced the ones who were elected unopposed. A call to join the committee was made as there was one Ordinary Member role left to be filled. The committee was very pleased that Sofia Fisher volunteered.

The 2022/2023 committee members are:

President – Hock Chin Tee
Vice President – Kseniya Abusaif
Secretary – Ananda Thilakasiri
Treasurer – Peter Hong
Assistant Treasurer – San Wong
Assistant Secretary – Gah Siong Lam
Ordinary Member (IT) – Tonny Wijaya
Ordinary Member (Events) – Bill Prins
Ordinary Member (Membership) – Angela Black
Ordinary Member – Phuong Truong
Ordinary Member – Sofia Fisher

The committee will continue to be advised and guided by:

Spiritual Director – Ajahn Brahm
1st Assistant Spiritual Director – Ajahn Hasapanna
2nd Assistant Spiritual Director – Ajahn Brahmali













We would like to thank our departing committee members for their selfless contribution and dedication in serving the BSWA: Linda McGuire (Secretary), Vivara Kunabutr (Assistant Treasurer). Lucky Kodituwakku (Membership Secretary) and Paul Firth (Ordinary Member).

Moving forward and with the support of our members, we want to continue to make BSWA a wonderful place to spread the Dhamma.


Hock Chin Tee
BSWA President


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