Want to help spread the Dhamma? Here is another great opportunity!

The BSWA’s Broadcasting Management Group (BMG) are looking for a new volunteer to assist with maintaining our online Dhamma teachings (via YouTube, Podbean and our website and more). This also includes social media, online fundraising and simple website maintenance. We have a great team already managing these areas, but an extra set of hands is needed. We are also looking for someone to eventually take on the role of BMG Group Convenor (to help coordinate various BMG areas).

Most work can be completed on the weekend, but checking emails daily is required and hours per week vary (approx. 2-5hours). All work can be done from home, but if you prefer, you can sometimes work on-site at Dhammaloka using your laptop.

IT experience is helpful, but not essential.

Essential: be a Buddhist :)

We need help to continue this valuable work.

Please contact Siew Vei (Online Recordings Supervisor) on 0449 269 586 or tech@bswa.org. Thank you.

About the BMG (Broadcasting Management Group):

The BMG is responsible for posting recorded BSWA teachings online and maintaining these. (The Audio Visual Team falls under the BMG and is responsible for recording the BSWA teachings).

The BMG’s aim is to spread the teachings of the Buddha and the practice and realisation of Buddhist Principles to the general public, with a special emphasis on morality, meditation and wisdom.

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