Thanks to all who have done their bookings for the Dependent Origination workshops.


There is now a slight change as Bhante Sujato will not be here in Perth.

Hence the class will be conducted by Ajahn Brahmali and Venerable Sunyo.


In case you haven’t registered for the class, here are the details:


Event:  Early Buddhism Workshop Series in Dhammaloka – Dependent Origination

Dates: 31 Oct, 07 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec (over 6 Saturdays)

Place: Dhammaloka

Teachers: Ajahn Brahmali and Venerable Sunyo


Please note the following before you start the registration:

  • bookings will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to those who can attend all 6 workshops, as well as BSWA members.
  • booking is not required if you are joining via live streaming
  • booking confirmation will be sent out within 4 weeks from date of booking.
  • booking has opened on 26 Jul 2020 and will remain open till all the spots are filled.
  • workshops are available to all, including non-members of BSWA. However, BSWA members will have priority booking over non-members.
  • if your booking is submitted successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement message.
    The acknowledgement message IS NOT a confirmation of a place in the workshops.
  • If you need help with the online booking, please reach out to our Admin, Amanda.
    Email:, phone: (08) 9345 1711

Interested to join the workshops?

Please use the following link to make your booking:

Booking for Dependent Origination Workshops 2020

If you have questions, please email Choon Seng at

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