(revised 4 Sep 2020, Bhante Sujato’s name is removed as he cannot  make it to Perth)

We are now ready to take in bookings for the following workshops:

Event:  Early Buddhism Workshop Series in Dhammaloka – Dependent Origination

Dates: 31 Oct, 07 Nov, 14 Nov, 21 Nov, 28 Nov, 5 Dec (over 6 Saturdays)

Place: Dhammaloka City Centre

Teachers: Ajahn Brahmali and Venerable Sunyo


Please note the following before you start the registration:

  • bookings will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis with priority given to those who can attend all 6 workshops, as well as BSWA members.
  • booking is not required if you are joining via live streaming
  • booking confirmation will be sent out within 4 weeks from date of booking.
  • booking opens on 26 Jul 2020 and will remain open till all the spots are filled.
  • workshops are available to all, including non-members of BSWA. However, BSWA members will have priority booking over non-members.
  • if your booking is submitted successfully, you will receive an acknowledgement message.
    The acknowledgement message IS NOT a confirmation of a place in the Workshops.
  • If you need help with the online booking, please reach out to our Admin, Amanda.
    Email: admin@bswa.org, phone: (08) 9345 1711

Interested to join the workshops?

Please use the following link to make your booking:

Booking for Dependent Origination Workshops 2020

If you have questions, please email Choon Seng at programme-assist@bswa.org.




Best Regards

Lay Har Goh

Vice President

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