Aim of Project

To establish a branch of Bodhinyana Monastery for Buddhist monks in the Albany region. The monastery will eventually be a monastic centre of practice and training for Bhikkhus. The monastery will also be a resource for teaching and practice for lay people in the region from Walpole in the west, Bremer Bay in the east, Mt Barker to the north and focused on the city of Albany.


Bodhinyana Monastery is full and has a waiting list of applicants which extends over five years. Ajahn Brahm has expressed his wish to senior monks that they begin looking for other monasteries to stay in, and to even consider establishing their own monasteries so that more trainees can be accepted for ordination. Venerable Mudu (Ven Mudu) is a Western Australian monk by birth and residence and has links with the community in Albany. Over the past couple of years, he has been visiting the south coast regularly to give teachings to the local community – both the Buddhist community and to local organisations. He has volunteered to lead this project with Ajahn Brahms’s approval.

Current Situation

Currently the Buddhist Society of Western Australia has initiated the purchase of the 160 acre Elleker property. On 28th March 2019 BSWA and the owner of the property agreed to the terms of the Offer and Acceptance with settlement to occur on 27 May 2019 subject to all conditions being met.

Future plans

Following settlement, the plan is to make Buddhist history in Albany and celebrate its first ever Entry to Rains Ceremony (at a location yet to be decided) on Sunday 14th July 2019.


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