From The President – Drew Bellamy 

Dear Members,

Please see my letter to the editor of the Australian Newspaper Weekend Magazine published 17/09/2016 protesting about stereotyping Buddhists in an article they wrote called ‘ The Eco-Village People’. The article stated ‘Lucie Bruvel and her partner are venturing deeper into a dream most Australians associate with dreadlocks, piercings, Centrelink benefits and Buddhist Prayer flags’.

I’m sure the journalist had no malice but I felt it was still worth pointing out her incorrect stereotype.



“Eco-Village people” mentions ” dreadlocks, piercings, Centrelink benefits and Buddhist flags”. I protest against this stereotyping of Buddhists as dole-bludging fringe-dwellers. Like all religions, Buddhism attracts periphery types in society but the stereotype you allude to is not the majority.

Drew Bellamy


Buddhist Society WA

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