Registration is now open for the Australian Sangha Association’s (ASA) 2018 AGM and Conference Day (Tuesday 13 March), as well as the (optional) Nuns’ Vinaya Training Day (on Wednesday 14 March).

Registration is open to All – Members of the Sangha as well as Lay people

The ASA’s AGM and Conference day is a great opportunity to hear what the ASA has been doing; as well as a wonderful opportunity for monastics and lay people to meet and connect with Buddhists from other traditions; and to preserve the legacy of the Sangha. This year we are very fortunate to also have an optional nuns’ vinaya training day for nuns of any tradition and any ordination level.

You can register even if you are not currently a member of the ASA, however if you would like to join the ASA (it’s simple and free!) go to  and fill in the online form.


How to register for the AGM/Conference Day and or Nuns’ Vinaya Training Day:

Simply go online to  and click on the blue “Info and registration” button under “ASA in WA 2018” heading. This will take you to the information and registration page which has:

– information about the beautiful venue, Jhana Grove Meditation Retreat Centre, W.A.

– the program for both days

– the AGM speakers and their topics

– 2 online forms: the (compulsory) registration form and the (optional) accommodation and transport form, click on them and you will be taken to an online form to fill out

– at the bottom of the page are 2 event flyers that you can download, print and/or share with others

Please find more information on ASA in WA 2018 Flyer

Look forward to seeing you there!

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