Ajahn Brahm and Buddhist Gem Fellowship members on his 68th birthday at Bodhinyana Monastery

The NBM Building Project 2019-20 fundraiser on the occasion of Ajahn Brahm’s birthday, to make merit for his mother, was very successful. The silent auction raised 31,000 AUD, additional 8,786.20 AUD were collected in cash and 374,414.36 AUD were transferred online directly to the NBM Building Fund in Melbourne (this includes a very generous donation from an overseas supporter of 333,000 AUD). This brings us up to a total of 414,200.56 AUD.
Another very generous donor from Australia has pledged to match whatever is collected “$ for $” up to 350,000 AUD. This increases the funds raised to a grand total of 764,200.56 AUD.
This will cover the budgeted amount for the NBM Building Project 2019-20 and even surpass it. The extra money will be used on the same project to cover required work, which had to be removed from the contract, and for over-runs.
If you wish to see the progress of the NBM Building Project please visit the NBM Facebook page here and the NBM YouTube Channel here.

Well done everyone and lots of gratitude to all who have chipped in around the globe!

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