Ajahn Brahm answered a question from a doctor in Spain on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. She just celebrated her daughter’s 7th birthday over the weekend, while also attending the BSWA online retreat.

Nature is so beautiful but so destructive too. It gives you your beautiful daughter but confronts you with so much raw suffering at your work. You may regard yourself as a player in a big orchestra, performing to your highest ability but knowing that you do not control the process. Give in the moment, not caring too much about the future. When you are with a patient, they become part of you. You help as much as you are able and let them go with loving kindness in your heart. Show that Metta on your face with your eyes as you wish them farewell. Death is not the end, just as the finale is not the concert. You are participating in the seasons of life. After winter, always comes the spring.
   With Mega Metta, Ajahn Brahm

We thought it would be useful to share this personal message from Ajahn Brahm more widely and have it passed on to many other healthcare workers around the globe who are tirelessly caring for the sick and dying.

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