Booking for Ajahn Brahm 16-25 Oct 2020 Retreat will be open to full members on 24 July 2020.

Due to the Covid situation and that the Australian borders may not be open to international travellers till 2021, we will limit the Oct Retreat booking to people living in Australia only. For those international travellers who might still want to try to come, you are welcome to put yourself on waitlist.

As the Western Australia border is currently closed to other States in Australia, those interstate travellers who might be interested to come for the retreat need to understand that their bookings might be cancelled if the interstate border in WA is still not open till then. We will assess the situation 4 weeks before the Retreat start date.

For those retreatants whose Apr 2020 bookings were cancelled by us, and if you are currently living in Australia and would like to join the Oct 2020 retreat, please email Christina at

If you have questions, please contact Lay Har Goh – Retreat Booking Coordinator at




With Metta

Lay Har Goh

Retreat Booking Coordinator (Jhana Grove)

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