We have just updated our booking page with new retreats.

Here is a summary of our retreats before next Rains:

Retreat Dates Retreat Type Booking Dates Status
*11-13 Dec 2020 Weekend Retreat (Venerable Mudito) 6-Nov-20 Yet to open
15-24 Jan 2021 9-Day Retreat (Ajahn Brahm) Retreat is FULL. Waitlist opens
*26-28 Feb 2021 Weekend Retreat (Ajahn Hasapanna) 8-Jan-21 Yet to open
01-10 Apr 2021 9-Day Retreat (Ajahn Brahm) 29-Jan-21 Yet to open
*14-16 May 2021 Weekend Retreat (Ajahn Santutthi) 26-Mar-21 Yet to open
*04-13 Jun 2021 9-Day Retreat (Ajahn Brahmali) 12-Mar-21 Yet to open
*New Dates


Please visit our booking page at http://jhanagrove.akmin.com/ for more information.

Note that for 9-Day Retreats, booking is first open to BSWA Full Members before opening to all others.

If you want to become a member, please contact Membership Secretary – Lucky at asec@bswa.org.


Best Regards

Lay Har Goh

E: bookings@bswa.org

Booking Coordinator

Jhana Grove

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