The current President of the BSWA is Kseniya Lytvyn

I was born in Ukraine into a Christian Orthodox family. During my teenage years, I felt a deep longing for something beyond the ordinary aspects of life and began exploring spirituality in various religions and traditions. In 2012, I made the decision to relocate to Australia, seeking new opportunities and life experiences. I first learned about Buddhism when I came to the Dhammaloka centre for Friday Meditation and Dhamma talk in 2015. I was so impressed that from that day on, I started to meditate, listen to Dhamma talks, and become an active supporter of the BSWA.


The teachings and principles of Buddhism resonated deeply within me, compelling me to dive further into its philosophy and practices. Despite my busy life as a Project Manager, meditation gradually became my hobby and a fundamental part of my daily routine.


Today, I am immensely grateful that life gave me an opportunity to find this wonderful organisation and its incredible community. It is with great pride and commitment that I now aspire to serve as President, offering my skills, dedication, and passion to contribute to its ongoing growth and success.