The Committee consists of the Abbots of the Bodhinyana Monastery and the Dhammasara Monastery along with the following volunteers who dedicate their time to manage the work of the Buddhist Society of WA.


Committee 2019/2020

Committee Position
Name of the Committee Member
Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmavamso (Ajahn Brahm)
Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Hasapanna
2nd Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmali
President Dennis Sheppard
Vice President Lay Har Goh
Secretary Geoffrey Webb
Treasurer Boon Tan
Assistant Secretary Anthony Hawkins
Assistant Treasurer Jee Too Foo
External Affairs Cecilia Mitra
Events Co-ordinator Bill Prins
Membership Secretary Lucky Kodituwakku
Committee Member Chet Teh
IT Supervisor Vacant