The Committee consists of the Abbots of Bodhinyana Monastery and Dhammasara Monastery, along with the following volunteers who dedicate their time to manage the work of the Buddhist Society of WA.

Committee 2022/2023

Committee Position
Name of the Committee Member
Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmavamso (Ajahn Brahm)
Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Hasapanna
2nd Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmali
President Hock Chin Tee
Vice President Kseniya Abusaif
Hon. Secretary Ananda Thilakasiri
Hon. Treasurer Peter Hong
Assistant Secretary Gah Siong Lam
Assistant Treasurer San Wong
Ordinary Member – Events Coordinator Bill Prins
Ordinary Member – IT Supervisor Tonny Wijaya
Ordinary Member – Memberships Liaison Angela Black
Ordinary Member Phuong Truong
Ordinary Member Sofia Fisher