The Buddhist Society of Western Australia held its Annual General Meeting on 26th September 2020 beginning at 4:30pm. We would like to thank our departing committee members for their tireless work and dedication in serving the BSWA:

Lay Har Goh, Vice President

Boon Tan, Honorary Treasurer

Geoff Webb, Honorary Secretary

Anthony Hawkins, Assistant Secretary

The new full committee is:

Committee Position Name of the Committee Member
Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmavamso (Ajahn Brahm)
Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Hasapanna
2nd Assistant Spiritual Director Ajahn Brahmali
President Dennis Sheppard
Vice President Kseniya Abusaif
Secretary Linda McGuire
Treasurer Natalie Mar
Assistant Secretary Gah Siong Lam
Assistant Treasurer Jee Too Foo
Events Co-ordinator Bill Prins
Membership Secretary Lucky Kodituwakku
IT Supervisor Tonny Wijaya
Ordinary Member Paul Firth
Ordinary Member Doria Giuffre

Please note: all committee member appointments are subject to ASIC checks, Responsible Person Declarations, and membership status verification.

A number of members did not appreciate that there were copies of the 2019 Accounts at the AGM for their convenience. To overcome any confusion the 2019 Accounts have been posted here. If any member would like a personal paper copy this will gladly be provided by the Treasurer on request.

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